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About Us

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Welcome to Tarkik, a visionary force in the realm of technology solutions. As a dedicated IT company, we are driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality, and client-centricity. Our journey is etched with a passion for excellence and a mission to empower businesses through transformative technology.

Here at Tarkik, we specialise in various aspects of the CRM business, working towards realising our clients' objectives. Our expertise lies in the development and upkeep of applications on the Salesforce platform. Concurrently, we prioritise staying well-versed in the latest technologies, ensuring we remain technologically adept and forward-looking. As a Salesforce consulting firm, we also adeptly navigate other technologies based on our client's high-calibre needs. Our team consists of accomplished individuals who are dedicated to delivering outcomes through high-caliber work, a fact attested by our track record. Our enthusiasm lies in effectively tackling your business challenges through technological solutions. Let's engage in a conversation.

Our Story

Our venture was initiated in the year 2019, and since then, we have traversed a span of four years, during which we have accomplished the successful execution of over 50 projects. Our inception saw us as dedicated professionals in the realm of Salesforce Consulting, but in response to the specific needs articulated by our clients, we took the proactive step of diversifying our capabilities. This expansion led us to broaden our proficiency to encompass additional technologies, notably WordPress and Cloud Computing. This strategic evolution has empowered us to provide comprehensive solutions that cater not only to Salesforce-related demands but also to the broader spectrum of technological requirements that our clients might present.

Our Values

We Never Stop Learning

At Tarkik, we have an overall environment of helping nature and also organize positive competitions to keep our colleagues and team members motivated. We believe in improvements, whether they are small or big, because that way we feel confidence and grow both for ourselves and for the company.


At Tarkik, innovation is our cornerstone. We delve into the ever-evolving landscape of technology, exploring novel concepts and breakthroughs to craft solutions that transcend the ordinary. Our thirst for innovation fuels our ability to solve intricate challenges and lead our clients towards unprecedented success.



Excellence is not just a goal; it's our standard. Tarkik is synonymous with exceptional quality and performance. With a meticulous approach to every project, we ensure that our deliverables exceed industry norms, leaving an indelible mark of superiority.



Our clients are the heartbeat of Tarkik. We are more than service providers; we are partners invested in your triumph. Through active listening and a deep understanding of your objectives, we tailor our solutions to suit your unique needs, ensuring your journey is smooth and your outcomes extraordinary.

Community Engagement

Tarkik is rooted in the belief that success extends beyond business metrics. We engage with the community, initiating projects that create positive ripples and leave lasting impressions.

Security and Privacy

Security is paramount in an interconnected world. Tarkik prioritises robust security measures to safeguard client assets and sensitive data, adhering to the highest standards of privacy.

Tarkik isn't just a company; it's a convergence of aspirations, expertise, and possibilities. As we journey together, we invite you to be a part of the future we are shaping, where technology isn't just a tool but a transformative force that propels businesses towards greatness.

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Our Clients

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Tarkik Tech's Client
Tarkik Tech's Client
Tarkik Tech's Client
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